New stage lighting installations for schools

With the advances in LED Stage Lighting technology over the last 18 months it is now possible to light a school stage with a quarter of the energy required by conventional lamps, and have the additional benefits of modern computerised lighting control

schools will find the ability to have white or coloured light from one light fitting without having to use physical colour gels very useful

For general purpose stage lighting you can use fixed focus LED lighting,and for school theatre applications there are now affordable LED versions of traditional stage fresnel and profile spot lighting fixtures

Control options range from simple lighting controllers through to laptop software and on up to theatre spec lighting consoles

Traditional halogen school theatre lighting

If your school still has traditional halogen based theatre lighting it is important that you have it regularly serviced to ensure optimum performance and fire safety

With energy efficient long life LED Stage Lighting technology you can reduce the maintenance overhead of lamp replacements and save energy without loosing that warm white light of traditional lighting

The EU is moving to phase out the production of Halogen lighting within its borders and many suppliers of theatrical lamps are reducing their stock holdings

I would urge schools to hold a stock of halogen lamps (bulbs) for their own use, and to plan the phased replacement of existing halogen based stage and theatre lighting

Services from MPB Sound and Light

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