Lighting your platform and worship group

The church where I worship had a new building completed in the early 90's, therefore you might have expected the lighting for the "platform" or "stage" to be more than adequate, but we have found that the original light fittings are obsolete and that the quantity of light is not really sufficient

With the advances in LED Stage Lighting technology over the last 18 months it is now possible to light the stage with a quarter of the energy required by conventional lamps, and have the additional benefits of modern lighting control

Churches who cater for youth outreach and/or youth worship will find the ability to have white or coloured light from one light fitting without having to use physical colour gels very useful

Lighting a traditional church building

Stage lighting is designed to project its light over great distances, much more so than conventional down lighters, not only this but stage lighting is usually much more powerful. This means that stage lighting can be tucked discretely up at roof level.

With energy efficient long life LED Stage Lighting technology you can reduce the maintenance overhead of lamp replacements and save energy without loosing that warm white light of traditional lighting

The other benefit of using stage lighting is that it is dimmable and much more controllable than the other options available

Services from MPB Sound and Light

  • Stage lighting system design and installation
  • Stage lighting maintenance and upgrading
  • Sales of stage lighting equipment
  • Training for stage lighting operators