Stage Lighting Services

Our Stage Lighting Service can be tailored to your exact needs. We can provide and install stage lighting on a temporary or permanent basis, helping with the lighting design and operation as required

The stage lighting services that we provide include:

  • Stage Lighting design
  • Stage lighting installation
  • Sales of LED Stage lighting
  • Sales of LED Stage lighting supplies

Stage Lighting design

If you are looking for someone to produce you a stage lighting design then MPB Sound and Light can help. Whether you are looking to hire equipment for an event, purchase your own equipment, have a stage lighting system installed, or simply require a stage lighting engineer, our stage lighting services are tailored to your requirements.

Firstly, we will arrange to meet you and discuss your stage lighting requirements

Your stage lighting design and installation can include any of the following:

  • LED Parcans for general illumination
  • Theatre lighting profile spots for clearly defined crisp edged hi-lighting
  • Theatre lighting fresnel spots for soft edged focused illumination
  • LED Moving lights for dramatic effects and dynamic light shows
  • Atmospheric effects such as Fog or Haze
  • Simple controllers to full sized lighting consoles
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Stage Lighting Installation service

MPB Sound and Light have helped Schools, Colleges and Village Halls by installing brand new stage lighting systems or maintaining and upgrading existing stage lighting systems

Unless regularly maintained traditional halogen stage lighting fixtures collect dust and can become fire hazards, by using motorised access equipment and A-Frame ladders we can access your existing lighting to clean it, service it, and replace life expired lamps

Halogen lamps will be phased out and obtaining replacements will be increasingly difficult, since modern LED Stage Lighting fixtures can now replicate the warm light produced by Halogen lighting they can be used alongside and instead of halogen lighting

Firstly, we will arrange to meet you onsite at your venue and discuss what you would like to achieve with your stage lighting, then together we can discuss what is possible in your venue, the options available and then produce you a fully costed stage lighting installation proposal

MPB Sound and Light can produce you a stage lighting design, supply the stage lighting equipment, install it, configure it, and supply training on how to use your stage lighting system.

Your stage lighting installation can include any of the following:

  • Lighting fixtures as required
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Projection systems for projected backdrops
  • Simple controllers to full sized lighting consoles
  • Lighting Bars
  • DMX Control distribution
  • Power distribution
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LED Stage Lighting equipment and supplies

MPB Sound and Light supplies a range of LED Stage lighting, Theatre stage lighting, stage lighting equipment and stage lighting supplies, you can browse the full range by viewing our stage lighting categories
Stage Lighting Equipment and Supplies