Sound System Installation

Sound systems come in many forms, from simple PA systems for a single performer or audio visual presentation to a full blown sound stage with foldback, live vocals, musicians and presenters.

PA systems can also be used for making public announcements, playing background music or motion triggered playback in exhibitions. Audio installations and sound systems are all around us, and done well can add that extra magic to events held at your venue.

Every sound system installation will have unique requirements, we have previously helped customers with the following areas during the design and installation of their sound systems:

  • Choosing the correct microphones
  • Loudspeaker placement and design
  • Stage design and layout
  • Hearing Loops
  • Deciding on the best position for the control point
  • Integration of projectors and computers
  • Staff training on using the sound system

Sound Systems

We supply and install Sound systems that use high quality components from industry leading suppliers. A sound system requires a competent operator and can handle any number of microphone inputs, sound sources, stage foldback monitors, and recording capabilities.

Sound Systems are usually permanently installed, however, they can be transportable with sufficient time and training for staff to travel with them and set them up for each performance

PA Systems

We supply and install PA systems that use high quality components sourced from trusted suppliers, they can be either manually controlled or automated and usually have up to 4 microphones and the ability to playback from an audio source such as CD, iPod or iPad.

PA Systems can be either permanently installed or transportable

Background Music

We supply and install background music systems that can range from ceiling mounted speakers in foyers to discrete high quality music playback for restaurants.

Playback can be from almost any source including USB stick, CD, IPod/IPad, radio, Bluetooth devices or internet streaming services


From traditional platform announcements to building evacuation we can design the right system for your requirements, and it can be either self-contained or as part of a background music system.

Exhibition Audio Installations

This is where you can get really creative with hidden speakers, interactive audio playback, sound effects, narration, whatever your exhibit or gallery space requires. Audio sequences can be activated when power is switched on, in response to specific triggers or manually by staff members

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