The term Stage Lighting covers a range of lighting used for illuminating stages, conference sets, contemporary performance spaces, traditional theatre lighting and for lighting bands in clubs and pubs.

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Our stage lighting section includes a range of lighting fixtures, cables, controllers, stage effects and LED stage lighting, if you are looking for lighting clamps, stands or trussing - this can be found here

LED Par Cans

Image of led lighting

This category contains LED versions of traditional Par Can 64 lighting. LED lighting saves energy and gives out less heat. LED Par Cans also allow colour selection from your lighting desk without using Lighting gel.

Theatre Lighting Equipment

Image of a Theatre Lighting equipment

The Theatre lighting equipment category includes Profile spot lights, Fresnel spot lights and colour wash lighting. Theatre lighting fixtures allow adjustment of focus and beam width. This helps with creative lighting design for shows.

Moving Head Lights

Image of a moving head light

Moving head lights allow the position of the light source to be controlled from the lighting desk. This Category includes Spots, Washes and beam effects, please browse the moving lights listed for more details.

DJ Lights

Image of DJ Light Show

The DJ Lights category includes light bars and effects lights that can be used in Discos, Clubs, TV Sets and wherever exciting visual lighting effects are required.

Fog Machines

Image of Fog Machine

Fog machines are used to visual impact to stage shows, concerts and theatre productions. All the fog machines listed use water based non toxic fog fluid. They include LED enhanced fog machines as an alternative to pyrotechnic effects.

Haze Machines

Image of a haze machine

Haze machines are particularly useful where your lighting designer wants the beams of light to be visible. This can be particularly effective in theatre spot lighting a character or in stage shows.

DMX Controllers

Image of a DMX Controller

DMX controllers provide a way to simply control either DMX dimmer packs or DMX lighting fixtures. They will allow simple chase sequences, recording and playback of scenes, or direct manual control.

Lighting Consoles

Image of DMX Lighting Desk

Lighting Consoles range from basic control over fixed lighting to highly complex systems capable of controlling all kinds of DMX fixture and Audio Visual cues. Lighting Consoles are particularly well suited to running shows using a cue/scene based approach.

DMX Cables

Image of DMX Lighting cable

DMX cables form the most reliable link between stage lights and the DMX Controller or Lighting desk. There are 3 pin connectors and 5 pin connectors, professional lighting equipment uses 5 pin connectors to avoid confusion with audio 3 pin connectors.

Apart from the actual fixing hardware this section of our site covers all other items of stage lighting equipment:

  • LED Par Cans - LED Powered versions of the traditional Par can 64
  • Theatre Lighting - Profile spots, Fresnels, Up-lighters, Follow Spots and colour washes
  • Moving Head Lights - Profile spots, zoom/beam/wash lights
  • DMX Controllers - suitable for small stages, conferences and band lighting, and drama studios
  • DMX Consoles - suitable for large stages, Touring productions and theatres
  • Fog Machines - Including low level fog effects and coloured fog effects
  • Haze Machines - Useful for ensuring lighting and beam effects can be seen on stage
  • DJ Lights - A range of lighting effects than can be used by DJ's, Clubs and stage shows