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MPB Sound and Light have been successfully installing audio equipment, lighting equipment and audio visual solutions since 2009. Our senior engineers have used sound systems and stage lighting at schools, churches and live events for over 30 years.

The equipment supplied by MPB Sound and Light comes from leading manufacturers. We have either used it ourselves or had it on test from manufacturers.

If you would like our advice on choosing your audio equipment or stage equipment please contact us.

The sound and light equipment sales categories are shown below:

Live Sound Equipment

Image of live sound equipment in use
The Live sound category includes Pro Audio Mixers, Condenser Microphones, Dynamic Microphones, Wireless Microphones, Audio Amplifiers, Passive Speakers, Active Speakers, stage monitors and Audio Leads.

Stage Lighting

Image of LED Stage Lighting
The Stage lighting category includes led lighting (LED Par Cans, Theatre Lighting, Moving Heads, and DJ Lights), along with stage equipment including Fog machines and Haze Machines, DMX controllers and cables.

Audio Visual Equipment

Image of audio visual equipment
This Category includes items we regularly use for av installation and av equipment useful on stage and on tour. This includes HDMI distribution, video monitors and teleprompters, as well as audio visual cables.

Stands, Trussing, Clamps

Image of mic stands
This category includes Microphone Stands, Speaker Stands, Mic Clips, Stage Truss components, Lighting Stands, and lighting Clamps.

Flight Cases and Bags

Image of flight cases
Included in this category are Flight Cases to protect equipment, 19 inch racking for installs, and bags.


Image of T26 Lamp
Included in this category are useful extras like Gaffer Tape, Batteries, fluorescent tape, and cable ties .

There is a wide range of lighting and audio equipment on the market today. If you cannot see a specific item or brand listed then please ask us for a quote.

If you are putting together a pa system or stage lighting rig and would like help choosing equipment, or just want to make sure you order everything you need, please contact us.

More information about our audio visual installation service can be found here

If you are interested in buying several items the we would be pleased to quote you for a package price.

We have a showroom which is open to visitors. If you would like to try out some microphones or discuss your requirements in person please visit us. To make sure someone is available to see you it is advisable to call us or email first.

Outside mpb sound and light Inside mpb sound and light's showroom