Roving Microphone

Image of product Roving Microphone - maufactured by Audio Technica
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Product summary

We have installed lots of these roving microphones for churches and used them ourselves in live events with fantastic results
Brand: Audio Technica

Product description for Roving Microphone

A Roving microphone is another name for a wireless handheld microphone, and they can be found at events throughout the country.

This version from Audio Technica is completely compatible with their 2000 series lapel mic, and is available for use either on the license free Ch70, or, with a license on Ch 38.

We have found them very forgiving and even when carried past a PA Speaker by the presenter they do not produce feedback.

You can have a mix of lapel and roving microphones in your wireless microphone systems up  to a maximum of 4 on Ch 70, and up to 10 microphones on Ch 38.

You can either manually tune the receiver channels or use the channel scan function.

Pricing and options for Roving Microphone

Colour Model Price Stock EAN MPN Availabilty Kg Qty Req.
Black ATW2120B/U Handheld System Ch 38 344.40 0 tbc ATW2120B/U Est. Delivery 12/12/2019 2.00
Black ATW2120B/F Handheld System Ch 70 344.40 0 tbc ATW2120B/F Est. Delivery 12/12/2019 2.00