Wireless lavalier lapel microphone system

Image of product Wireless lavalier lapel microphone system - maufactured by Audio Technica
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Product summary

The Audio Technica Lapel Microphone system is in our view the most reliable and capable of any in its price range.
Brand: Audio Technica

Product description for Wireless lavalier lapel microphone system

We have installed a great many of these Lapel Microphone Systems in schools and churches. We have always found these lavalier mics extremely reliable and they give excellent sound quality.

A lavalier microphone makes hands free public speaking possible. The wearer is no longer restricted by a wired microphone.

The mic clip is detachable so care must be taken when removing the mic not to loose the clip.

They come with small compact stackable receivers, and each receiver has a scan function to find the next free channel, or you can select the channel manually.

One of the professional features of these receivers is their support for remote antenna and antenna amplifiers.

For installations where there is no line of sight to the transmitter from the receiver, you can detach the antenna and mount them in sight of the transmitter pack.

The receivers have balanced xlr microphone outputs.

The wireless mic systems have a two year warranty from the date of purchase.

tie clip mic features include:

  • Available in two versions, Channel 70 (license free) and Channel 38.
  • condenser microphone capsule
  • A maximum of 10 concurrent systems available with Ch 38, if all frequencies are free.
  • The maximum number of systems with Ch 70 is 4, mobile phone interference can reduce this to 3.
  • Select next available channel with a press of the Scan button.
  • Manual channel selection also possible.
  • BNC Connectors attach the rear mounted antenna
  • Battery Life: Approximately 9 hours (low power), 7 hours (high power)
  • Belt Pack Dimensions
    • Height: 92.3mm
    • Width: 66mm
    • Depth: 22.5mm
    • Weight: 80g
  • Receiver Dimensions
    • Height: 44mm
    • Width: 210mm
    • Depth: 162.2mm
    • Weight: 1kg
  • Operating Range: 100 m (300') typical

Colour Model Price Stock EAN MPN Availabilty Kg Qty Req.
Black ATW2110BP/F Ch 70 Lapel System 366.68 0 ATW2110BP/ Est. Delivery 24/10/2019 2.00
Black ATW2110BP/U Ch 38 Lapel System 366.68 0 ATW2110BP/ Est. Delivery 24/10/2019 2.00