A Rugged professional vocal performance microphone

Vocal Performance Microphone

Image of product number 81454 - NX-8 Vocal Performance Microphone - maufactured by JTS

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A competitively priced professional vocal performance microphone with a clean and smooth sound.

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Brand: JTS

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Product description for NX-8 Vocal Performance Microphone

The JTS-NX8 is a great Vocal Performance Microphone that has been designed to offer an extended dynamic range of 50 to 16,500Hz, smooth frequency response and all within a rugged housing with reinforced mesh protecting the mic capsule.

Available in two variations, Grey matt steel mesh  and Un-switched, or, Black matt steel mesh with On / Off switch (Magnet Reed Switch for reliability)

The microphone comes with its own pouch and clip in a presentation box

Key Features:
  • Moving coil dynamic mic
  • Frequency response 50 to 16,500Hz
  • Cardioid Pickup Pattern
  • Sensitivity -72dB* (0.25mV)*0dB=1V/µbar at 1Khz
  • Die Cast Body with Capsule shock mount



Colour Model Price Stock EAN MPN Availabilty Kg Qty Req.
Black NX-8S Vocal Performance Mic with on/off switch 75.00 2 4712832615692 81455 In Stock 0.30
Steel NX-8 Vocal Performance Microphone 69.00 2 4712832615685 81454 In Stock 0.30