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Stage teleprompter, autocue and stage video monitor supplied by MPB Sound and Light Ltd
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Product summary

Some technology is truly multi purpose and this product from APT-GB can solve so many audio visual problems.
Brand: APT-GB

Product description for SM-V Range

Some technology is truly multi purpose and this Stage Teleprompter from APT-GB can solve so many problems.

Many actors and presenters have been using autocue devices for years. Usually built around the camera so that we looking on cannot tell.

Outside the television and film world there are examples of where some form of discrete autocue would be desirable:

  • Conference speeches
  • Theatrical performances
  • Musical performances
  • Press conferences

And there are also new requirements for stage video monitors in conferences and houses of worship throughout the UK.

Have you ever been to a conference or lecture where the presenter turned away to see the screen behind them?

Church services are using more technology and even specialist presentation software to display lyrics and sermon illustrations, even video clips. Software such as easyworship supports the use of a video screen as a lyrics prompter.

But how do you solve all these requirements with one piece of kit?

The answer is the SMV range from APT.

Designed specifically for artists, the is constructed from solid birch plywood. It has a clear screen protector and looks just like a floor monitor.

It will be right at home in any live performance, conference, or house of worship.

It can be supported using a 35mm top hat mounting as well as a standard wedge floor monitor.

It can be used for:

  • A professional autocue / teleprompter
  • stage autocue
  • stage teleprompter for musicians
  • wedge teleprompter to match your wedge audio monitor

The SM-V covert stage video monitor range features high quality commercial display panels. Screens are available in sizes ranging from 24" to 40" with 24" as standard.


SM24V connector plate

All our teleprompter products have the following connections, (all connections are by Neutrik an industry standard):

  • 1x HDMI input
  • 1x SDI (BNC up to 4K input)
  • 1x SDI Loop (BNC)
  • 2x powerCON True1 (Input and output)

Teleprompter Software

You can connect a commercial TV/Film teleprompter linked via the SDI ports.

You can also use any device with a HDMI output such as a laptop or mac book.

Entry level free teleprompter software can be found by doing a quick google search.

Presentation Software

You probably already have access to Microsoft PowerPoint which has been a feature of many business presentations for some time. However, houses of worship might like to consider Easyworship.

Video Playback

Video playback can be easily achieved by connecting any video source to the standard inputs provided.

Pricing and options for SM-V Range

Colour Model Price Stock EAN MPN Availability Kg Qty Req.
Black SM-V Range 1,140.00 0 SM24V Est. Delivery 08/06/2020 15.00