Power Amplifier for portable PA Systems and Sound Systems

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Image of product number AMP06 - Zenith CD 5000 Power Amplifier - maufactured by Zenith

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A well built Power Amplifier for PA systems and Sound System Installations up to 2 x 1Kw rms at 8 Ohms

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Product description for Zenith CD 5000 Power Amplifier

We have supplied and installed power amplifiers for portable PA Systems and for fully installed permanent sound systems, the Zenith amplifiers are well built and come with plenty of professional features.

We have used Zenith amplifiers in our own sound systems and found them to be durable and quiet in operation compared to cheaper alternatives.

While the amount of power available from this amplifier may be more than you need it comes with pro features useful to any professional sound system:

  • Switchable input sensitivity (1.2v, 26db or 32db)
  • Switchable low cut (off, 50Hz, or 30Hz)
  • Stereo, Parallel, and Bridge operation 
  • Balanced XLR inputs and "Link Outs" so you can feed multiple amps from one source
  • You can run a stereo speaker setup using 2 x Speakon two way leads or 1 x Speakon four way leads
The power amplifier uses Class D technology which means the amplification can be up to 90% efficient

A bit like modern PC's the cooling air is directed from the fans over the components that need it to improve cooling and therefore reliability

Key features include:
  • Power output 
    • @ 8O: 2 x 1000W rms
    • @ 4O: 2 x 1700W rms
    • @ 2O: 2 x 2500W rms
  • Power output bridged
    • @ 8O: 1 x 3400W rms
    • @ 4O: 1 x 5000W rms
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Input sensitivity: 1.2V, 32dB or 26dB
  • Damping factor: 200
  • Slew rate: 22V/uS
  • Min. Load impedance (Stereo): 2O
  • Min. Load impedance (Bridge): 4O
  • Protection circuits: 
    • Soft start
    • limit
    • thermal
    • short circuit
    • overload
    • DC fault protection
    • AC power supply fuse
  • Front LED indicators: Power, active, signal and clip
  • Input connections: 2 x XLR sockets, 1 x powerCON mains input
  • Output connections: 2 x speakON connectors and 2 pairs of binding posts


Length: 460mm
Width: 483mm
Height: 88mm