Image of product J Series range of active speakers - maufactured by FBT
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Product summary

A range of active speakers with moulded cabinets that represent excellent value for your investment.
Brand: FBT

Product description for J Series range of active speakers

The active J series  speakers include high efficiency class-D amplifiers with power specifications of 350 + 100W for the J 15A & J 12A, 200 + 50W for the J 8A and 80 + 40W for the J 5A.  

These bespoke amplifiers have been designed in FBT’s R&D laboratories.  The largest amplifier model that equips the J 15A and J 12A has a switch mode power supply as well as a digital signal processor with 4 pre-sets.  

The J 8A and J 5A amplifiers have toroidal transformer power supplies. The J 8A has a digital signal processor with 2 pre-sets, whilst the J 5A has analog signal processing.

Photo showing the J series speaker line up

The speakers have been completely redesigned, introducing the technological developments of recent years to achieve a far superior efficiency and linearity.

With the use of optional accessories the FBT J5 and J8 speakers can be mounted on mic stands for many nearfield monitor applications, live sound and as a studio monitor. The J8 & J5 speakers are also available in black or white.

The FBT J Series powered speakers provide high fidelity sound for both speech and music applications.
Each model includes a front face steel grille to protect the speaker from external damage.

Ideal for small fixed installations the FBT J5 & J8 speakers include M6 fly points built into the cabinets along with the optional mounting brackets allow the speakers to be surface mounted on walls or ceiling. 

Following from the new J series, FBT designed the DJ 15A, engineered with today’s modern DJ in mind. The DJ 15A has invaluable features allowing quality audio playback using our revolutionary DSP technology. This includes 4 presets enabling the DJ to change the sound of their music to suit the environment they play within.  These DSP presets will allow the DJs audience to enjoy improved sound quality and SPL, especially in bass reproduction at high volume.

The DJ 15A also has another useful feature for DJs, including a two channel input mixer allowing the DJ to plug a music source and microphone direct into the speaker, giving separate control over volume for both devices. You can also daisy chain the DJ 15A together if required. 

Pricing and options for J Series range of active speakers

Colour Model Price Stock EAN MPN Availability Kg Qty Req.
Black FBT J 12A POWERED SPEAKER 465.00 0 8034138377149 37714 Est. Delivery 03/02/2020 13.70
Black FBT J 15A POWERED SPEAKER 509.00 0 8034138377149 37704 Est. Delivery 03/02/2020 14.00
Black FBT DJ 15A POWERED SPEAKER 525.00 0 8034138379198 37919 Est. Delivery 03/02/2020 14.00
Black FBT J 5A POWERED SPEAKER 225.00 0 8034138376876 37687 Est. Delivery 03/02/2020 3.40
Black FBT J 8A POWERED SPEAKER 345.00 0 8034138376890 37689 Est. Delivery 03/02/2020 8.20
White FBT J 8A POWERED SPEAKER (White) 345.00 0 8034138379068 37906 Est. Delivery 03/02/2020 8.20
White FBT J 5A POWERED SPEAKER (WHITE) 225.00 0 8034138379051 37905 Est. Delivery 03/02/2020 3.40