Most of the audio mixers that we sell are models that have proved to be successful and reliable in our installations. Otherwise we have chosen mixers from manufactures that we know and trust. If you cannot find a mixer that meets your requirements please contact us for a quote.

After the list of mixers available to buy there is an information section. This section contains useful information related to mixing desks.

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The thumbnail image for IMIX001 : Rack Mount Mixer with 9 inputs

Rack Mount Mixer with 9 inputs

We have installed a lot of these mixers where we have used one zone to drive the PA and the second to drive a hearing loop.
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£238.80 inc VAT


The thumbnail image for MACMIX : Compact mixer
MPN: 2044601-03

Compact mixer

This popular mixer from Mackie is a compact mixer with built in effects and USB recording
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£177.60 inc VAT


The thumbnail image for ZED16FX : Sound Mixer - 16 Channel analogue mixer

Sound Mixer - 16 Channel analogue mixer

A great live sound analogue mixer with up to 10 microphone inputs for medium sized pa systems. There is an optional rack mount kit available for this
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£484.80 inc VAT


The thumbnail image for MIXE12 : Small Audio Mixer

Small Audio Mixer

A small mixer with good sound quality at an affordable price
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£98.40 inc VAT


The thumbnail image for QU-SERIES : QU Series Digital Mixer
MPN: See Variations

QU Series Digital Mixer

This is our sound engineers favourite digital mixer, and it makes an excellent production sound mixer.
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Information on audio mixers

An audio mixer takes audio signals from microphones, line level sources and a wide range of media players. The purpose of a mixer is to combine these audio sources into a single audio signal. It is important to choose a high quality mixer otherwise your sound quality will suffer.

Inline mixers

An image of A typical equipment rack with an inline mixer circled in red

We use a lot of inline mixers for installations where the operators are not trained sound engineers. Also they can be used if there is a requirement for "Switch on and leave it" operation.

Typically this kind of mixer would benefit a place of worship, village hall, or portable system built into a single case.

An inline mixer will have a simplified control layout with rotary volume controls on the front. The connections are usually on the rear.

Small Audio mixers

An image of the Yamaha MG102C audio mixer, a typical small mixer for a Home Studio

A small audio mixer can be used where an inline mixer would be too basic and a large mixer to complex.

Example uses include home recording or video editing studios where channel EQ, or auxiliary sends For monitors are required. A small mixer might have between 2 to 6 microphone inputs with additional stereo inputs.

Small audio mixers usually have rotary controls.

Mixing Consoles

A 10 channel mixer (or larger) will usually require a competent person to use them. This person can guide less experienced operators in how to use them.

Professional mixing desks often include the following features:

  • Phantom Power - provides power to condenser microphones.
  • Aux Sends - Allows you to send a separate mix to stage monitors or hearing loops.
  • Digital Effects - Provides a range of audio effects that can be applied to input channels.
  • Signal Routing - this allows the sound engineer to group channels together on mixers with sub groups.
  • USB Audio - An audio interface built into the mixer to allow connection to a computer via USB.

A powered mixer also includes a built in amplifier to directly drive passive speakers.

A studio mixer will allow multi-track recording so that separate tracks can be recorded. These tracks can then be mixed into the finished recording. Each track can be a single input channel or a group of channels.

Well known makers include Allen & Heath, Yamaha, and Soundcraft, we supply both digital and analog mixers.

This image shows the Allen & Heath QU24 digital Audio Mixer, a popular mixing console
A great mixer for use in churches, performance venues and by touring groups are the QU Series of digital mixers.

One of the benefits of digital audio mixers is that they use light weight cable to connect to stage boxes. This is instead of the old fashioned heavy audio multi-core cables.

If you would like our advice when choosing your audio mixer please contact us.