The audio mixers that are listed below are either the exact models that we have installed for customers where they have proved to be highly sucessful and reliable, or, they come from manufactures that we know and trust with other models of mixing desk

img of inline mixer
Inline mixers We use a lot of inline mixers for installations where the operators are not trained sound engineers, or, there is a requirement for "Switch on and leave it" operation. Typically this kind of mixer would benefit a place of worship, village hall, or portable system built into a single case.

An inline mixer will have a simplified control layout with rotary volume controls on the front and all the cable connections on the rear

img of small mixer
Small Audio mixers A small audio mixer with tone controls and extra outputs can be very useful for in video editing suites, music venues and places of worship where an inline mixer would be too basic and a full console style mixer to complex, typically they might have up to 6 microphone inputs and 2 stereo inputs.

Mixing Desks Mixing desks over 10 channels usually require a competent person to set them up and guide less experienced operators in how to use them. Well known makes include Allen & Heath, Yamaha, and Soundcraft, we supply both digital and analogue mixers, training can be provided if required.

Img of digital mixing console
A popular choice for churches, performance venues and touring groups are the QU Series of digital mixers
If you would like our advice when choosing your audio mixer please contact us

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Rack Mount Mixer with 9 inputs

We have installed a lot of these mixers where we have used one zone to drive the PA and the second to drive a hearing loop.
£238.80 inc VAT
MPN: 2044601-03

Compact mixer

This popular mixer from Mackie is a compact mixer with built in effects and USB recording
£177.60 inc VAT

Sound Mixer - Analogue 16 Ch

Most of our customers with active church worship groups, school drama groups and amateur dramatic groups need a mixer of this size with up to 10 micro
£484.80 inc VAT

Small Audio Mixer

A small mixer with good sound quality at an affordable price
£98.40 inc VAT