Cardioid Pickup

There are two types of microphone pickup pattern that can be used to minimise picking up background news and reduce the risk of feedback between the microphone (when correctly placed) and speakers. The images below show the comparison between Cardioid and Super cardioid pickup patterns.
Cardioid pickup pattern
Hyper Cardioid
Hyper Cardioid pickup pattern

Omni Pickup

An Omni directional pickup pattern picks up sound from all around the microphone, typically a tieclip microphone for a wireless system would be Omni Directional to aid pickup when the wearer turns there head etc.
Omni pickup pattern

Condensor Microphones

A condensor microphone requires a power supply to make it work, this can take the form of batteries or Phantom Power. Our microphone listings will tell you which kind of power supply is required (if any). Phantom power is provided by the Audio Mixer, if you are not sure if your mixer provides this please contact us for advice.

Hemisphere Pickup

A boundary microphone uses a hemispherical pickup pattern, ideal for recording round table discussions
Boundary Mic top view
boundary pickup pattern
Boundary Mic side view
boundary pickup pattern

Microphone Testing

Our in-store microphone testing station helps you choose a new microphone or compare / test an existing mic with a new one Microphone Testing

Please browse the microphones available for sale by clicking on the products below, or you can add them to your basket directly

MPN: 81456

Vocal Condenser Microphone

A studio quality vocal mic designed for use live on stage with highly effective pop filters and shock mountings
£79.00 inc VAT
MPN: 81454

Vocal Performance Microphone

A competitively priced professional vocal performance microphone with a clean and smooth sound.
Options available
MPN: 81457

Instrument Microphone

This stylish microphone looks fantastic and would look great with a chrome drum kit, with a performance to match!
£79.00 inc VAT
MPN: 81462

Pro. microphone for singing

A precision engineered microphone for singing, ideal for lead vocals
Options available
MPN: 81445

Studio Microphone

A high quality studio quality microphone for making recordings
£109.00 inc VAT
MPN: 81473

JTS TX8 Dynamic Vocal Mic

Fantastic value for money microphone with great reviews
£25.82 inc VAT
MPN: 81474

Guitar Microphone

An excellent choice for a Guitar Microphone or other acoustic instruments the JTS TX9 is superb value for Money.
£56.40 inc VAT
MPN: 81490

Stage Microphone / hanging mic

A versatile and compact stage microphone that can be used by suspending it over instruments, choirs or stage sets, It also comes with its own mic clip
£64.98 inc VAT
MPN: 81552

Floor standing boom Mic

An elegant solution for awards ceremonies, presentations and church services where individual wireless microphones are impractical, ditch the clunky m
£229.00 inc VAT
MPN: 81510

Gooseneck microphone

We have used these microphones in our own installations and found them really great, they come with omni-directional, cardioid, and super cardioid.
£95.00 inc VAT