Have you ever bought a microphone 'on spec' and then found it either didn't live up to the specification or could not provide the sound you were looking for?

Now you can solve that problem by visiting our showroom and trying a range of microphones before you buy one

Our microphone testing station even has two pairs of headphones, so you can bring a friend or colleague to get their opinion at the same time.

jts microphone testing station

jts testing station close up

New Microphones available to try include:

  • Dynamic Vocal Mics
  • Condenser Vocal Mics
  • Dynamic Instrument Mics
  • Condenser Instrument Mics
  • Mics for lecterns or podiums
  • Overhead Mics

Bring your own to test

Not sure if you have an issue with your microphone or your mic cable?

  • Our cable tester can check your cable for faults
  • Try your mic on our testing station
  • Compare your mic to a new one
  • Replacement microphone cables in stock
  • Replacement microphones in stock
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