Poor quality audio leads reduce the reliability of any sound system and can degrade the quality of the audio signal being carried by them.

We now source the majority of our pre-made professional audio leads from StageCore as we have used them in our own installations and found them to be reliable and of great quality

What are Balanced Audio Cables?

Balanced audio cables have two wires to carry the audio signal and an outer sheild to protect the signal from interference, in addition, the signal is carried in both positive and negative cycles so that when it is combined in the audio equipment any electrical noise is cancelled out

Graphic of balanced signal

Balanced connectors include:
  • XLR 3 Pin audio connectors
  • Stereo Jack connectors

What are Stereo Audio Cables?

Stereo refers to the audio signal having both left hand and right hand audio, for example when you listen on headphones you are listening in Stereo. A Stereo cable carries both left and right audio, they can come with stereo connectors on both ends, or, four mono connectors, or a combination of one stereo and two mono connectors.

Possible connectors include:
  • 6.5mm (1/4") Stereo Jack
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • Multiple 6.5mm (1/4") Mono Jack
  • Multiple Phono/RCA plugs

What are Mono Audio Cables?

A mono cable is designed to carry a single audio signal, some mono cables can have more than one connector if they are designed to split a signal into identical copies, or different connection types

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MPN: 90170

Balanced 0.5m XLR Audio Cable

A professional quality 0.5m XLR lead for connecting items of professional audio equipment together
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MPN: 90174

1M Balanced XLR cable

A 1m microphone cable for desk mics or longer interconnecting lead
Options available
MPN: 90182

3m balanced microphone cable

Professional 3m long microphone cables
Options available
MPN: 90316

3.5 mm jack to rca

Connect any portable device with a 3.5mm headphone socket to stereo phono input
Options available
MPN: 90025

Instrument Cable - OFC Cable

A high quality OFC Instrument cable that is backed by a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. Available in 6 lengths and up to 5 colours.
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MPN: 90300

3.5 mm audio jack to Twin Mono

A very useful audio lead for connecting audio players to professional audio equipment using a 3.5 mm audio jack to Twin Mono 6.5 mm jack connections
Options available
MPN: 90340

RCA to Jack - Twin connectors

A great lead for connecting CD and Media Players with RCA Phono outputs to pro audio equipment with mono jack inputs
Options available
MPN: 90189

6m Flexible Microphone Cable

This 6m microphone lead is long enough to reach from your wired mic to your stagebox or front of house mixer
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MPN: 90196

Long balanced XLR Cables

Longer length balanced XLR cables for use over greater distances, for example, overhead stage mics
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