Where possible we have listed amplifiers that we have either used ourselves, or have used other models of amplifier in the same series from a specific supplier.

Our recommendations when choosing an amplifier include:

  • For any system that is not permanently installed use Speakon connectors to connect your speakers to the amplifier
  • Look for models that have short circuit protection, overload protection and thermal cut outs
  • Models with variable speed fans tend to be quieter in operation
  • Avoid amplifiers with 6.5mm or 1/4" inputs only
  • An amplifiers true power output is its continous output usually measured in Watts RMS

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1u Power Amp

Great for installations with tight space requirements these amplifiers are quiet enough not to be a distraction
£150.00 inc VAT

Fanless Class D Power Amp

A professional quality Class D Power amplifier with a fanless design - Ideal for fixed installation in classrooms, shops, hotels, meeting rooms and vi
£510.31 inc VAT

EPX Series PA Amplifier

The EPX Series of PA Amplifiers from W-Audio offer excellent value for money and are best used were fan noise will not be a problem.
Options available

QSC Amplifier - Pro Poweramp

A very competent and well built amplifier that includes a built in Subwoofer/satellite crossover.
Options available

Power Amplifier

A well built Power Amplifier for PA systems and Sound System Installations up to 2 x 1Kw rms at 8 Ohms
£599.00 inc VAT