There is nothing worse than ordering a pa amp and then finding it makes a lot of noise. We have heard some sounding like a plane about to take off. The professional audio amplifiers shown below have been successfully used by us, or we have used models in the same series.

Most amps are two channel stereo power amplifiers.

When choosing pro audio amplifiers consider these points:

  • Choose Speakon connectors to connect your speakers to the amplifier in mobile systems.
  • Pick models that have short circuit protection, overload protection and thermal cut outs.
  • Amplifiers with variable speed fans tend to be quieter in operation.
  • Avoid amplifiers with only jack connections.
  • True power output is the continuous output, usually measured in Watts RMS, not the peak music power often quoted.

Please browse the amplifiers available for sale by clicking on the products below:

Product listings for Amplifiers

1u Power Amp in two power ratings, 400w and 650w

Great for installations with tight space requirements these amplifiers are quiet enough not to be a distraction
  • MPN AMP46 : TPX 650 Amplifier - Black
  • MPN AMP45 : TPX 400 Amplifier - Black
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From £150.00 inc VAT


Fanless Class D Power Amp

A professional quality Class D Power amplifier with a fanless design - Ideal for fixed installation in classrooms, shops, hotels, meeting rooms and vi
MPN REVAMP2250 : 2-channel bridgeable digital power amplifier, 2 x
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£510.31 inc VAT


EPX Series PA Amplifiers for sale

The EPX Series from W-Audio offer excellent value for money and are best used were fan noise will not be a problem.
  • MPN AMP24 : EPX 300 Amplifier
  • MPN AMP26 : EPX 800 Amplifier
  • MPN AMP27 : EPX 1200 Amplifier
  • MPN AMP25 : EPX 500 Amplifier
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From £118.80 inc VAT


QSC Amplifier - Pro Poweramp

A very competent and well built amplifier that includes a built in Subwoofer/satellite crossover.
  • MPN GX3 : GX3 Professional Power Amplifier 2x425W @ 4ohms 2U
  • MPN GX7 : GX7 Professional Power Amplifier 2x1000W @ 4ohms 2
  • MPN GX5 : GX5 Professional Power Amplifier 2x700W @ 4ohms 2U
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From £268.52 inc VAT


Power Amplifier for use with PA speakers

A well built Stereo Power Amplifier for PA systems and Sound System Installations up to 2 x 1Kw rms at 8 Ohms.
MPN AMP06 : Zenith CD 5000 Power Amplifier
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£599.00 inc VAT


Amplifier Power Supplies

A good quality power amp relies on a robust power supply. This means using a high quality transformer or an expensive switch mode power supply. The crown xls series power amplifiers offer excellent power output using light weight power supplies.

Extra processing

Top of the range amplifiers include additional electronics to make powering your speakers safer and connecting your speaker systems easier.

Some amplifiers have built in crossovers allowing you to match the frequency response to the speakers connected to the amplifier.

Digital Signal Processing or DSP is used by some amplifiers to tailor an amplifiers output based on the type of event. For example, a rock concert requires a different style of sound to a corporate presentation.

Amplifier connections

An amplifier is not designed to have a direct microphone input, you need a mixer to use microphones with an amplifier.

In all cases you should read your instructions to check polarity of connections before use.

Input connections

  • RCA Phono - Allows connection direct from media players using standard rca leads.
  • 6.35mm jack - Becomes less and less reliable with use, avoid using them if possible.
  • XLR - Industry standard balanced audio connector, use these if you can.

Output connections

  • 6.35mm jack - Becomes less and less reliable with use, not good for high power outputs
  • Speakon - Industry standard speaker connector, high quality connector.
  • Binding Post - A common connector for speaker wire, only advisable in fixed installations.
  • XLR - provided on some amplifiers to provide a link out to another amplifier.

Preferred speaker cable thickness

We use a minimum 1.5mm csa stranded cable for our speakers. For lengths over 30m or over 300w we use 2.5mm csa cable. If your amplifier is rated at more than 1kw you should use 4.5mm csa cable.