Powered systems use a built in amplifier using mains power. They should not be used outdoors in bad weather.

A basic pa system can be built from a pair of active powered speakers linked to each other and a wireless microphone system.

Power measured in Watts RMS (watts continuous) is a more accurate figure than the often quoted peak music power (watts peak). The J Series are very good quality speakers, the sound quality of the CLF125A system is superb. More information on powered speakers and active speakers follows the product listings.

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Product listings for Active Speakers

J Series range of active speakers

A range of active speakers with moulded cabinets that represent excellent value for your investment.
  • MPN 37714 : FBT J 12A POWERED SPEAKER - Black
  • MPN 37704 : FBT J 15A POWERED SPEAKER - Black
  • MPN 37919 : FBT DJ 15A POWERED SPEAKER - Black
  • MPN 37905 : FBT J 5A POWERED SPEAKER (WHITE) - White
  • MPN 37687 : FBT J 5A POWERED SPEAKER - Black
  • MPN 37906 : FBT J 8A POWERED SPEAKER (White) - White
  • MPN 37689 : FBT J 8A POWERED SPEAKER - Black
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From £225.00 inc VAT


active pa system | portable pa system

We have used this piece of kit on trial and absolutely love it, it has lots of power, is exceptionally clear and comes complete.
MPN CLF125A : CLF125A compact active system
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£2,874.00 inc VAT


A powered pa speaker has inputs for mains power and for an audio signal.

Active speakers include a mixer and sometimes Digital Signal Processing. This means that they can take multiple inputs and combine them without an extra mixer. DSP units have presets that can be used to tune the speaker for specific applications.

Active PA Speaker Systems

An Active pa speaker system will include a Power amplifier, full range speakers and subwoofers. All the parts are designed to work with each other improving the frequency response.

DSP equipped amplifiers come with presets used to tune the sound of the system for specific applications.

Small portable pa systems are sometimes based around active speaker systems.

Active Monitor Speakers

Active monitor speakers can be used with any line level sound source.

Floor based monitors are used to provide foldback for a stage performer.

Active studio monitor speakers can used to provide reference monitoring for a sound engineer.

A studio monitor pair allows you to monitor in stereo.