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If you cannot find the item of professional sound equipment that you require, please contact us for a quote.

Using high quality sound equipment at live music events gives great sounding vocals and instruments over your loudspeaker system.

When deciding exactly what professional live sound equipment actually is our team came up with the following ideas:

  • Build quality - the build quality should be of very good quality and preferably of excellent quality.
  • Design - The controls should be easy to find and operate in any situation.
  • Industry standards - it is important that each piece of equipment uses established standards for connections, output levels etc.
  • Important features that our sound engineers expect that items of equipment should have.

We supply audio equipment where :

  • We have used the same model ourselves in live events and installations.
  • Components of PA systems and sound systems from trusted suppliers.
  • Suppliers have demonstrated the items to our sound engineers.

How to set up a sound system

We have produced a PDF from one of our training modules that explains the principles of setting up a sound system.

It includes these topics:

  • Where to position the speakers
  • The best place to control the PA from
  • Why mono PA is better than Stereo PA
  • Example mixer controls
  • Common problems such as feedback
Read our free illustrated Live sound setup guide