Before the invention of moving lights, if a lighting engineer wanted to give the illusion of movement they would either need to sequence between several fixed lights, or, employ a good follow spot operator.

Also, to set the position of a light, or vary the beam angle, or change the colour of a light would require a lighting engineer to physically access the light.

Modern moving led lights now allow the lighting engineer to do all these things from the lighting controller or console of their choice.

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The Moving Head Lights category contains moving heads with spot, beam, wash and zoom features

Product listings for Moving Head Lights

Equinox Fusion 120 Zoom is a 7 x 12W LED Moving Head

The Equinox Fusion 120 Zoom is a 7 x 12W LED Moving Head with motorised zoom allowing for a variable beam angle from 6° – 45°.
  • MPN EQLED068 : Fusion 120 Zoom MKII - Black
  • MPN EQLED068A : Fusion 120 Zoom MKII (White Housing) - White
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From £268.99 inc VAT


Evora 1000 Hybrid 3 in 1 moving head Beam - Spot - Wash

This LED Zoom moving light has the lot, combining Beam, Spot and Wash capabilities with RDM (Remote Device Management)
MPN ELUM024 : eLumen8 Evora 1000 BSW
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£1,440.00 inc VAT


Equinox Fusion Fusion 100 Spot MKII

The equinox fusion 100 spot packs a huge punch. We have seen it used in studios, Theatres and with live bands with excellent results.
  • MPN EQLED069A : Fusion 100 Spot MKII (White Housing) - White
  • MPN EQLED069 : Fusion 100 Spot MKII - Black
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From £330.00 inc VAT


Equinox Fusion 200 Zoom Spot - 200 watts LED Moving head light

The Equinox fusion 200 spot is the big brother of the popular Fusion 100 Spot with many new added features including 2 gobo wheels.
MPN EQLED054 : Equinox Fusion 200 Zoom Spot
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£546.40 inc VAT


All the lighting fixtures in this category have DMX control over pan and tilt, with various DMX modes that allow you to choose how many DMX channels the fixture will use.

The greater the number of channels a moving head is allowed to use, the finer control your stage lighting engineer will have over the unit.

Wash lights

Wash moving heads provide a soft edged illuminated area. Most include multiple coloured LED's allowing colour mixing. Sometimes they will have a manual zoom, however the most useful washes have a motorized zoom. If your lighting bar is pushed for space a wash moving head can replace static par cans.

Spot profiles

These fixtures normally include built in patterns and a selection of colours. Avoid manual focus units and go for motorised focus. More advanced units include motorised zoom and prism effects.

LED Beam effects

Popular on TV shows this kind of lighting effect works really well with haze effects allowing the shaft of light from each beam to be seen clearly.

Colour wheel

A standard colour wheel will have a number of separate colours and 'clear' or white light, they allow the lighting fixture to be programmed to select a single colour or cycle through a rainbow effect.

You cannot mix colours unless the light unit has more than one colour wheel.

COB Led light source

Instead of multiple individual LED's and multiple lenses the COB led light source has a single lens and a multicolour led light block.