This category shows the LED par cans that are equivalent to traditional Par 64 Par cans, and we have selected those fixtures that are at least equivalent to 500w halogen par can 64's.

All the par cans in this section can be controlled by DMX and also manually with onboard controls

More information on LED Par Lights follows the product listings. Moving heads can be found here, party lighting and light bars are listed here

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Product listings for Led Par Can

Barn Doors for LED Par Lights

These Barn Doors for lighting can be adjusted to shape the beam from stage lighting and shield areas of the stage from light if required.
MPN ELUM041C : Alu Par Series Barn Door
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£34.00 inc VAT


Alu Quad Par 64 Black (18 x 8W RGBW/RGBA)

Having tried various LED Par Cans this is our favorite, it is quiet, well built, exceedingly bright and comes with a 2 year warranty.
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elumen8 ELUM114 Alu HEX Par 64 led stage lighting

The top of the range six colour LED Stage lighting from elumen8, complete with RDM (Remote Device Management)
MPN ELUM114 : Alu HEX Par 64 (12 x 12W 6-in-1 RGBWAUV)
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£248.40 inc VAT


White LED par can with 18 x 8 watt Quad Colour LEDs

A powerful white bodied LED Par Can which can be used to light areas where a black par can be too intrusive.
MPN LEDJ252Z : Performer 18 Quad MKII (40 Degree) White Housing
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£169.00 inc VAT


Performer 18 Quad LED Par Can - 20 / 40 deg, and Zoom

The LEDJ Performer 18 series offer high light output,strengthened casings and are fan cooled. Not as quiet as the eLumen8 range.
  • MPN LEDJ252 : Performer 18 Quad MKII (40 Degree) - Black
  • MPN LEDJ252D : Performer 18 Quad Zoom - Black
  • MPN LEDJ252C : Performer 18 Quad MKII (20 Degree) - Black
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From £169.00 inc VAT


Entry level 12 x 8W quad-colour LED Par Can

Take the electronics from a modern led stage light and put that into a traditional par can and you get the Astra 12 quad par.
MPN LEDJ182 : Astra 12 Quad Par
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£109.99 inc VAT


We have produced two pdf guides to help you understand the difference between led par lights and traditional halogen stage lighting, you can read them by clicking on the images here

LED offers the following advantages over traditional halogen par cans:

  • Power Consumption on average is 75% less than halogen lamps
  • Much lower heat generation reducing fire risk
  • Colour mixing means lighting gels are redundant
  • RGBW led, RGBA led, and RGBAUV led's offer combinations of Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and simulated UV.

A par cans beam of light has soft edges, for a hard edged beam you need a focusable beam fixture. Tungsten halogen par lamps used a sealed unit comprised of a lamp and reflector, LED light sources emit light directly with no reflector.

There are LED lighting fixtures that offer premium performance for professional theatre and conference work where fan noise has to be at a minimum and smooth rich colour without colour shadow is a must have.

Other par cans are suitable for band lighting where quick deployment with auto sound active features lend themselves to music performances.

The wider the beam angle the more the available light is spread over the illuminated area. This means that you can place a more powerful led par with a 25 degree lens further from the stage. At the same distance a similar light with a 50 degree lens will appear less bright.

Wide beam angles are great for wash effects.

Compact led lighting kits are good for bands and DJ's where the light shows are in close proximity to performers and audiences.

Battery powered up-lighters are great for colour washes in marquees and outdoor events. Some come with remote controls.