A hearing loop system provides audience members wearing hearing aids with these benefits:

  • Sound is sent directly to hearing aids reducing the background noise.
  • Hearing aids enhance the sound using the individual settings prescribed by the users audiologist.
  • This helps hearing aid users to feel fully included in your events.
The Equality Act of 2010 requires events to be accessible to people with hearing loss.

3 ways to provide hearing assistance

  • A traditional inductive hearing loop, requiring one or more physical loops of wire around seating areas/arenas.
  • Wireless transmitters broadcasting to individually worn receivers, they use the same frequency range as microphones.
  • Infra-red transmitters broadcasting to individually worn receivers

Our experts can help you decide which system is best suited for use in your venues, and how the hearing assistance system will function.

The most cost effective solution remains the induction loop, it also is the most personalised using the wearers own hearing aids.

Wireless systems will use one of the available wireless microphone frequencies and so may not be acceptable for theatres

Infra-red systems will require line of sight between the wearer and the fixed transmitters

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