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Why should your organisation bother with a hearing loop system?

The purpose of a hearing loop system is to provide a signal that can be picked up by any hearing aid equipped with a telephone pick-up.

By making use of this telephone pickup and broadcasting audio information through a hearing loop system, you provide the following improvements in audio quality for wearers of hearing aids:

  • The audio frequencies are tuned to enhance audibility for hearing aid wearers
  • Individual hearing aids can further enhance the audio received depending on the settings prescribed by the wearers audiologist
  • This has the net effect of helping hearing aid wearers to feel fully included in any meeting, event, or interview process.

Under the Equality Act of 2010, which replaced the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995, service providers are required to make "reasonable adjustments" so that your service is accessible to people with disabilities, and this includes hearing loss.

Without making these changes, you may be discriminating against people with hearing loss and you could face legal action. The installation of hearing loop systems, also known as Induction Loops, is covered by IEC 60118-4: 2006 which lays down the expected performance standards.

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Hearing Loop Installation

We have installed hearing loop systems in a large number of churches, halls, reception areas and conference rooms. You do not need to have a complex sound system in order to install a hearing loop, although you do need a minimum of 1 microphone and the hearing loop amplifier.

It is important to use the correct grade of cable to form the 'loop' and that the hearing loop system is correctly calibrated to comply with the recommended standards. Inferior installation can lead to premature failure or lack of coverage within your venue.

Hearing Loop System Calibration and Testing

If you are concerned about the performance of your existing hearing loop system and would like it tested, then our engineers can come and test your hearing loop.

We will inspect the installation, measure the magnetic field strengths produced by your loop system and listen to the audio quality throughout the area to be covered.

You will then be provided with a report detailing our findings and any recommendations we may have for your hearing loop

Our professional hearing loop installation service includes:

  • Free site survey
  • Hearing loop design
  • Hearing loop installation
  • Hearing loop Calibration Certificate
  • Regular maintenance and checking
The Equality Act of 2010 requires that any hearing loop system is regularly checked to make sure that it is working effectively by a "nominated person", and if not, corrective action needs to be taken. This could be as simple as using a portable "loop listener" and keeping a record yourselves, or, we can do this for you as part of an overall sound system maintenance plan

Reclaiming VAT on Hearing loop systems

If the organisation having the loop system installed is a registered charity (some churches have organised themselves this way) and the systems are paid for out of charitable funds, the organisation can complete a VAT exemption declaration to give their prospective installer when asking for quotations.

However, this only applies to the equipment required solely to provide the hearing loop, not to any associated sound system or AV equipment.

For example, where a hearing loop is provided as part of a sound system then only the hearing loop, hearing loop amplifier and the time taken to install them would be eligible for VAT rebate. However, where there is no sound system and the microphones and associated equipment are provided solely for the hearing loop without loudspeakers then the whole installation would be eligible for a VAT rebate. Request a Hearing Loop System quote