Why we choose premium column speakers for Churches & Heritage Buildings


Back in 2009 the only choice was to use speakers from established manufacturer RCF who supplied them in white. Unfortunately they were still quite large and you needed more than a single pair of speakers to cover a whole church.

A church installation from 2009 using RCF White speakers

Today in 2019 for the same sized church we can use a single pair of column speakers made by British company APT-GB

Modern design column speakers in White

So whats changed since 2009?

Speaker design has improved enormously and when Graham Gosden launched his range of speakers under the APT-GB brand we were very impressed.

Graham brings years of experience in speaker design to precision engineered  speakers, including the CLF range of column speakers.

Because of Graham's unique design a pair of CLF-532 speakers will provide completely even coverage across a church or hall and front to back.

In most cases this eliminates the need for multiple pairs of speakers with delay management systems.

Why use column speakers?

  • They are much less intrusive visually
  • The brackets are hidden behind the speakers
  • In taller columns you can have array's for distant, middle, and close listening positions

Why do we choose passive speakers not powered speakers?

Powered speakers can sometimes seem a cheaper option than high quality speakers with separate amplifiers, however, if anything goes wrong with the electronics inside a powered speaker there is nothing that you can do to fix it.

You have to climb up, take the speaker down and replace the whole unit.

We once fitted a pair of powered speakers into a School Hall, and after 9 months one speaker developed a fault and stopped working. On closer inspection we found that the amplifier circuit had literally burned out. Spares were not available so we had to convert both speakers to use a separate amplifier instead.

That is why we do not use powered speakers for permanent installs.

Why choose Premium columns from APT-GB?


Premium Column Speakers from APT-GB

CLF-564 Column Speaker

Apt-CLF564 Asymmetrical column array

CLF-532 Column Speaker

Apt-CLF532 Ultra compact full range triple 5″ cabinet

CLF-511 Speaker

Apt CLF511 Ultra compact full range 5″ cabinet


  1. Extremely good sound reproduction.
  2. The components are common across the range meaning you can mix sizes of column and know that the sound quality and frequency response will be identical.
  3. Superior quality construction and components.
  4. Excellent technical support from Graham and his team.
  5. The speakers are highly efficient low impedance speakers and not low power 100v line.

Column Speaker Case Study - St Andrews Methodist Church

 St Andrews Methodist Church Installation

The general building acoustics were good however the person preaching could not be heard clearly except in the front row, and the seating raked upwards towards the back in a horseshoe formation.

The distance front to back is  18m and the width of the hall is 28m.

Speakers could not be hung from the false ceiling and the side walls of the auditorium  were too far apart to provide cover for the centre of the church.

The ideal solution was a pair of CLF 564 speakers positioned high above the platform to avoid feedback and their special design distributes an even field of sound.

CLF564 dispersion plot

The speakers were finished with Varnish rather than paint to match the wooden organ screen


CLF564 with varnished wood finish

As the front seats curve round at almost 90 degrees to the platform two additional CLF511's were used to compliment the main speakers as "in-fill" for the very front sides

CLF511 in varnished form

The system performs very well and the church are very pleased with the look and performance of the speakers.


Column Speaker Case Study - Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

The acoustics in this building provided a challenge, in addition to a very high central ceiling the building retains its original horse shoe balcony, creating 3 distinct zones

1) The upper rear balcony

2) Lower covered seating under the rear balcony

3) front side balconies and open seating area

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

The most appropriate solution was to use multiple CLF532 Speakers with a speaker management system to time the output of the side and rear balcony speakers to match the arrival of the sound from the front speakers. This avoids adding echo to the audio.

In the photo above you can see the front two speakers in white above the flat screen displays

In the photo below you can see the speakers positioned under the right side balcony

CLF532 fitted under balcony

Above the upper rear balcony a pair of speakers were fitted, one each side

CLF532 over upper balcony

By using the speaker management unit and individual amplifier channels for each pair of speakers, the system was very successful providing a nice even sound throughout the building without bouncing off the rear window.


Contact Points

For installation and purchase enquiries from churches and other venues contact MPB Sound and Light, to order the speakers online visit our Passive Speakers section.

Genuine Installers and trade buyers can find APT's Website here

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