A fully integrated Audio Visual Solution will incorporate a PA System or advanced Sound System, a Video Presentation System, and Stage Lighting, so that your venue can provide the rich multi media experience that modern audiencies have come to expect from theatre and concerts. Our Audio Visual Solutions provide all of these components and include training for your staff so that they can operate the equipment from day one.

The benefits of a fully integrated audio visual system

  • Video content and presentation material can be seen througout the venue
  • High quality audio can be replayed through your sound system
  • A high quality audio connection to your venues hearing loop
  • Convenient access points to connect laptops and other mobile devices
  • Video monitors for presenters, performers, and, leaders in houses of worship
  • A bespoke solution for your venue comprised of video displays and / or projection as required


The traditional nethod of delivering the visual content of audio visual media has been to use a data projector and projection screen, or in some cases a blank white wall.

While this remains the most cost effective solution where large screen sizes are required and there are convenient mounting points for your projector, other solutions are now available.

Display Screens

We have carried out installations in a large number of churches, halls and conference rooms using large format display screens both singularly and in multiples where the use of projector screens has been impractical

It can also be more cost effective than using a long throw projector and specialist projector lens.

Our professional audio visual installation service includes:

  • Free site survey
  • System design
  • Equipment installation
  • Initial setup and training for your staff