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Our offices are based inside MPB Model Supplies at:
10 St Andrews Street
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Registered in England & Wales
VAT Number
01905 774089
GB256 1372 10
We are specialists in church sound systems and church audio visual systems. We can design and install a complete new system, or upgrade existing systems. Back to Church Sound Systems
How we have helped previous customers
  • Village Halls have been helped with there projectors and screens, small PA systems, and stage lighting
  • Village and Church Halls have been helped with hearing loops for small meeting rooms and their main rooms
  • Schools have had old 1970's stage lighting cleaned,serviced and certified safe to use
  • Schools have had stage lighting for drama studios and school halls installed from scratch and upgraded
  • Churches have had failed hearing loops repaired, and brand new hearing loops installed for the first time
  • Some churches have had simple sound re-enforcement systems installed or repaired
  • Churches with active music groups have had full sound systems installed with microphones for singers and instruments
  • Churches from medium sized naive s to large 300 auditoriums have had projectors and screens installed

More About MPB Sound and Light Ltd

Our senior Sound and Lighting engineers have been installing sound systems, stage lighting, and audio visual systems since 2009. Following the Covid 19 Pandemic we share offices in the premises of our sister business MPB Model Supplies

MPB Sound and Light Ltd is based in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Mike started trading as MPB Sound and Light in 2016, providing sound and lighting installation services. He converted from Sole Trader Status to a Limited company on 3rd October 2017.

Along with many sound and lighting firms 2020 was a bad year due to national Covid restrictions, so in order to keep the business going we have diversified and launched a sister business, MPB Model Supplies.

Our installations are now focussed on Church sound systems and Church Audio Visual systems

Our Services
  • Sound System Installation
  • Stage Lighting Installation
  • Hearing Loop Installation

Owner and Founder - Mike Belham

I learned the craft of sound engineering in 1982 from my father who was a senior sound engineer with the BBC, and started putting what I learned to use with local churches.

In 1985 I applied to the BBC and got through the first two stages of selection, however, not having a degree meant I didn't get in. So from 1985 until 2009 I pursued a career in IT. While working in IT I gained experience working with sound and lighting with Christian organisations on a voluntary basis.

In 1996 I formed my own IT Consultancy which gave me more flexibility to pursue my sound and lighting interests. While working as an IT consultant I was training Church PA Teams and in 2008 had the opportunity to work as technical director in a community production of Joseph.

Photo taken in 2008 during Joseph
A view taken of the control room during Joseph in 2008 we had a 32 channel desk, 14 radio mics, and mics for a live orchestra and choirs.

In September 2009 the Bank I was a consultant for ran into trouble and stopped all their IT consultants. This was my opportunity to start working full time on sound and lighting.

Photo taken in 2011 in Mikes Studio control room
This photograph of Mike the studio control room was taken in 2011