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Sound system - Installations, Sales, and Events

Our senior staff have over 30 years practical experience with sound systems, which means that when you purchase equipment from us, or ask us to install your new system, you are working with people who understand the use of audio equipment and how it performs. Every sound system installation (either permanent or for a specific event) begins with a free no obligation assessment and quotation,

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Church Sound Systems

Whether your church simply requires an induction loop for the hearing impaired, or an easy to use sound re-enforcement system with a few microphones, to a full sound system designed to meet the needs of multiple leaders and a full worship band, our experienced team will be able to design and install a solution for your church Sound System.

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School Sound Systems

School sound systems frequently have to serve different requirements from School Assemblies and School Performances to the end of year School Disco. We have designed systems for previous school customers that successfully met these requirements and we can help your school too. go to our school sound systems page

Hearing Loop Systems

Any venue where members of the public are invited to listen to presentations, or performances, houses of worship etc. are required to provide hearing loop facilities for the hard of hearing under disability legislation. We can test existing hearing loops (induction loops) and confirm that they meet current performance standards, upgrade and expand induction loops, and install brand new induction loops.

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LED Stage Lighting - Installations, Sales, and Events

We specialise in LED Stage Lighting, modern LED stage lighting can now match the performance of traditional halogen lighting and uses a third of the energy. This means that a visually stunning light show and high calibre event lighting can be run from a single 13amp domestic supply.

Audio Visual Installation

A fully integrated audio visual installation combines both sound system and stage lighting system with a video presentation system to provide your audience with a fully engaging multi-media experience, Seamless audio whether from live presenters or recorded video, clear stunning visuals from recorded video sequences or modern stage lighting all controlled from one location.

There are a number of benefits to having fully integrated AV (audio-visual) systems

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